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ISA helps you out!

You must contact the ISA of that particular graduate school before you depart for the destination. You should fax or email them a copy of your flight ternary through the International office of the university and should receive a confirmation mail.

We always like to advise students to choose a travel plan such that they can arrive during the daylight hours. This makes it convenient for the ISA members to pick you up at the airport.

If the graduate school or ISA fails to make any arrangements for you, you could always make alternative arrangements by yourself at the airport. Contact the nearest help desk and tell them your situation and they should be able to make a reservation for you with the nearest hotel to the university.

You should be able to pick up the hotel bus service directly from the airport. Once you arrive here, with the help of the local hotel you can make arrangements to go to the university's international office on a weekday.

Once you get in touch with the local ISA you can make your housing arrangements ASAP. Typically the ISA place's you in a seniors apartments for a few days till they find you a permanent housing to rent or share with other fellow students.

Once you have registerd with us, you will have acess to all our ISA links to each individual graduate school

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