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Graduate school location

Graduate school location is an important factor for graduate student who have a specific choice in their living. Some students like to live in an urban setting, typically in and around large major cities, where as some graduate student might prefer a very serine atmosphere of the rural or sub-urban setting.

We typically advice graduate students to look into graduate schools that are located near or in major industrial hubs. For example, if your interests are in mechanical engineering, then we would advise you to pick a graduate school location such as the Midwest belt, so that your chances to landing into a full-time or part time job would becomes easier since most of the major mechanical industry is based in this region.

It is a general observation that most of the local companies prefer to hire students from local graduate schools. Similarly you should look out of nearby industries, companies and research triangular parks in and around the local graduate school since a majority of them conduct research with the nearby universities.


Weather could also be an important factor for students who might have some serious health conditions. We have provided you with a link below that summarizes the weather around your city. If you do not find the city, please choose the state in which your city is located.

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