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Graduate Research in Schools!

This is another feature that is unique to our website. Since a lot of graduate students look for some sort of financial aid in their graduate program, we have tried to list out the graduate research groups based on various engineering disciplines.

This link can help the students to look up the graduate research group's work and faculty members.Therby providing the graduate student to zero-in on whom to contact if he or she is looking out for financial aid in their field of interests.

Click here to see the graduate research groups!

We have also provided a link to NSF (Nation science foundation), which is a big organization that grants financial aid a majority of universities. National Science Foundation (NSF) is one of the many federal organizations that funds most of the Profs and graduate researchers in the US universities, in various branches ranging from science to history.

1. Click on the link and enter the university name.

2. Look out for people who have funds by clicking on the links.

3. Typically the funds could be for 1 to any number of years.

4. Make a note of the primary graduate researchers and email them your resume and tell them about your graduate research interests.

National Science Foundation LINK

Institutional Graduate Research Programs