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Graduate School Rankings !

Graduate School Rankings becomes important for lots of graduate students. Typically a graduate school with a good ranking means lots of research grants which relates to the probability of getting financial aid along with working in cutting edge environment. This of course raises the bar for meeting the eligibility requirements of the graduate school.

However you can also find the same funding possibility in lower ranked graduate schools. Some graduate schools have specialized programs in which they excel. You should look out for a environment that best suites your interests.

Take this ranking with a grain of salt. Even very low ranked schools have some truly great professors and some very famous professors. Also remember that a famous professor does not imply a great advisor.

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The links provided at the bottom of the page reveals Graduate School Rankings based upon certain factors. This list is complied by a bunch of PhD's who have put together their experiences.

The NRC( National Research Council) also complies the Graduate School Rankings based upon various factors. Although these rankings are complied once in a decade,it is advisable advisable to look through them. Since they will provide you with a generic understanding of the quality of these graduate schools. also carries Graduate School Rankings for 2004 and can be requested on a paid up service. This following file was complied and distributed by them in 2001 showing the best top 10 schools in all major engineering disiplines along with some rankings.

Also listed below are the top 20 school rankings for all major branches such as Computers,Electrical.Mechanical.

USnews top 50 grad schools!

Top 20 schools in all majors!

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