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Search for graduate students in USA!

Here is a link to the list of groups of graduate students in The students have categories depending upon their graduate schools of interest. Overtime, people might get scattered and so could the group. We advise the student to register any group that they form on Yahoo or any other place so that any new prospective graduate student to get access to them instantaneously.

Indian Student Association (ISA) contacts

This is the single most important bridge between graduate students in the USA and India. ISA is non-profit organizations started by Indian students I that particular university they are the best and most updated sources of information a student can get from abroad when he or she is making the decision on that graduate school. They can provide you the exact funding scenario in their depts. and can advise you about the university. (The views expressed from different students make not be the same)

We advise you to establish a connection with the graduate students from ISA as soon as you can. Again you should remember that these students might not respond to questions. Most of the ISA's have well-established websites and most of your FAQ's could be answered there. Care should also be taken not to irritate them by asking repetitive and length questions.

What is in database ?

We have alumni data in our databases which you could email and seek advise from. All our alumni are divided according to major and university making the advise very personal. Look at the Tools!

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