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International Student Insurance!

Student Insurance expense in the US is very costly. Therefore buying a International Student Insurance is a very smart thing do to for people who most likely fall ill very regularly.

The graduate school makes it mandatory for international students to take a International Student Insurance.The only problem with this is you can take up the policy only during the registration of classes period. If you do not have any International Student Insurance and you plan to arrive a month prior to your classes, then you could fall into problems if you get sick.

The graduate school will not be responsible and many hospitals in the US may not treat you since you do not have any valid medical policy.

We always advise the graduate student to purchase a International Student Insurance before they make plans to travel to the US. The link provided below is just one of the very many hundreds that are out there.It should be able to provide you with the basic information on how and why you should plan to take a International.

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