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Financial aid for graduate school for international students !

Graduate school can get expensive in the USA. Most of the international students seek Financial aid in their departments or elsewhere. It is very difficult for students to get some sort of financial aid when they are in India.

There are organizations in india that provide Financial aid to sudents who are planning to study abroad in the US. The following file,has organized all such funds and charities according to the various State.
Charities in India Contibuted by a Mr.Siddharth Karkar

Students should not panic if they have outstanding scores and academics and yet turn up short on Financial aid . They should remember that there are lots of other students from other countries having similar credentials and are applying for the same position.

Students from other countries do not qualify for most of the Financial aid that are offered by federal sources in the USA. Typically students from India land up with either tuition wavier from the university or as a teaching, graduate or research assistant from the departments.

The stipends for the graduate student depend upon the university departments and the duration of the project. The link provided here gives you the typical statistics that were offered to students in different graduate schools.

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