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F1-visa for prospective international graduate students!

Once the international student gets an I-20 from any university,he or she becomes officially accepted to that particular graduate school. A student can hold multiple I-20's but can apply the F-1 visa with only one university's I-20.

The student should choose a graduate school in which they think best maximizes their chance of getting a student F1-visa. Typically if you have an I-20 with aid although is not the university you want to attend,it's best advised to appear for the F-1visa with that particular I-20.

Once the student gets accepted at the consulate he or she gets the F-1 visa stamped on the passport for that particular graduate school. The student then can come to the US on that particular F1-visa and once they enter US should report to the graduate school.

Sample F1-visa documents.Check with your I-20 and consulate for any additional documents*

F1-visa Documents ZIP files

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Financial documents for the graduate application packet!

After going though this information, you will have a good idea about the F1-visa process itself. Download all the information below.*


This is an article contributed by a student who was preparing for US Consultate. This should be taken as a heads-up before you head out to any consulate. Since things change with time, it is always advisable to check with your nearest US consulate to see if you have to fill up any additional forms.
i>Contributed by Sai Krishna

Thigs to be carried to the US consulate ?

Explanation of common terminology in the Financial documents for graduate application packet ?

How to fill up the F1 visa-form at the consulate ?

What do I do once I get to the consulate ?

FAQ on the F1 Visa interview at Mumbai US Consulate ?
Contributed by a student at the Mumbai Consulate

FAQ on the F1 Visa interview at the Chennai US Consulate?
Contributed by Stephen & Pandian

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If the student still desires to go to another graduate school for which they hold a valid I-20. The student can take a transfer to that graduate school by completing the paper work under the authority of the international office of both the graduate schools accordingly.
The student need not get another F1-visa or need not go to the consulate again.

For other questions and general queries regarding the F-1 visa,please visit the listed site below:
This website is very renowned source for visa help in the USA.*

|| |Additional FAQ from US Embassy|

These is additional information from MS consultancy in HYBD. Its good to read about this but be sure to be updated from the consulate itself.*
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Map of the US Consulate in Delhi!

Map of the US Consulate in Chennai!