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GRE & TOEFL exams guidlines for the graduate school application process !

Almost all of the reputed graduate schools in the US require you to take up the TOEFL exam. Since a lot of international students whose mother tongue is not English apply, the graduate school sees this as a base line for evaluating the students ability to comprehend the medium of communication.

Nearly all graduate schools have a minimum score for TOEFL.The student should meet these requirements to be eligible for graduate admissions.They could also be admitted on a conditional basis provided they take a couple of extra courses in English once they get admitted to the graduate school.

The GRE general exam is also taken up by most of the international students who would like to pursue a masters or PhD degree in Engineering or similar related fields of science. Some graduate schools in the US do not require this score. Most of the reputed graduate school in the US do see this score as a measure of the students ability into the program. This GRE score also plays a crucial roll in your eligibility to get financial assistance.

Most of the graduate schools have a minimum requirement in your GRE scores,however by meeting these requirements you are not guaranteed an graduate admission into the graduate school. The graduate admission depends on lots of other requirements such as your academics,recommendation letters,SOP,eligibility of funds in the dept or by the profs, international students applying for that term,etc.

The student should be able to meet the eligibility GRE scores for being considered by the graduate school.

The GRE subject is mandatory by some reputed graduate schools in the US. If your previous academics are very marginal,this score can help you in boosting up your chances for admissions and financial assistance.

The GMAT is a mandatory exam required by most of the graduate schools in the US for students who would like to purse a MBA degree.Some degrees which overlap with the business school such as a Information systems does fall requires you to have a GMAT score.Agian different graduate schools have different range of scores for eligibility of graduate admission.