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Graduate Application Procedure!

The graduate application process for the prospective graduate students should be planned nearly 9 to 12 months prior to the actual date of the enrollment.

Most of the graduate schools in the USA operate either under the semester or quarterly system and the deadlines are typically 2 to 3 months ahead of the deadlines for domestic students in the US. Therefore the graduate student should have his / her plans layed out clearly and effectively to avoid any loss of time in this graduate application process.

Graduate application procedure as a whole deals with a lot of documents both financial and personal. A good thumb rule would be to start the graduate application at least 1 year ahead of the date of enrollment.

Since most of the graduate schools vary in their respective admission requirements the authors of have tried to put together the most general and necessary information required for the prospective graduate students.
Log into our database and tap into graduate application deadlines,forms for most of the graduate schools in USA.

(However it is advised to look into the particular graduate school of interest for further specific information)

Differences in the graduate education systems.

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Timetable: 12-month Countdown Until Enrollment

12-18 months before you wish to enroll
Consider you reasons for studying in the USA
Which PhD programs interest you?
Start working on your English, see TOEFL for suggestions

Write to schools for catalogs and application forms. .
Continue preparing for TOEFL.
Start preparing for GRE General and Subject. You might want to order preparation books.

September - November
Register for standardized tests (TOEFL, GRE, etc.)
Take any required test before mid-December, better until the end of November and definitely before you submit your application.

November - December
Prepare and sign official transcripts from your current Institute/University.
Ask for letters of recommendation.
Write the statement of purpose.
Complete and mail applications.

January - April
Be sure you met all application deadlines, your applications have been received, are complete and being considered.
Correspond with the secretary, faculty members and current graduate students. Regularly check on the status of your application. See Waiting for Decision for ideas.

February - April (rarely May)
Receive letters of acceptance/rejection. Decide where to study.
Inform all schools about your decision.
Organize your finances, apply for housing and medical insurance.

Summer Months
Make travel plans.
Receive I-20 and apply for U.S. visa.
Contact your school's International Student Office with your arrival plans.
Attend pre-departure orientation at the American Center.

Application Process

Graduate Requirments
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